My name is Jane -I’m an illustrator.  I studied at St Martin’s School of Art and Chelsea School of Art and have been working freelance since graduating.

I grew up in Kew, the eldest of three children. Sadly my middle brother Richard died when he was ten, leaving me and my younger brother Tim.

I have always been a drawer (and wrote a lot too) lost in imaginary worlds. I was a very shy child but had lots of wonderful friends who are still friends to this day. I had the best time ever at art school -though Foundation at St Martin’s was a bit scary – plunged into a very competitive and talented pool of people.   Chelsea was totally wonderful – brilliant position on the corner of King’s Road in the late 70s – music was fantastic, amazing clothes and a brilliant creative atmosphere where we spent a lot of time life drawing,doing photography (developing and printing ) and skipping art history lectures.

I developed very severe OCD in my mid twenties which was frightening as I had no idea that anyone else suffered from this bizarre condition. It effectively robbed me of several years when life should have been good and carefree. I was happy and working in my friend Fig’s illustration agency studio on the King’s Road, was going out with a lovely man and work was going well.

Fast forward to the present – I am now living with what I like to call OCD-lite – manageable but still distressing from time to time. I am married with a lovely husband and an equally lovely son of nearly 15 and my illustration career has blossomed.  I was diagnosed with 2.4 cm grade 2 breast cancer in 2009 and had surgery and radiotherapy and am on 5 years of tamoxifen (nearly 3 years done) and this stirred up a lot of unresolved OCD stuff – so in a way I need to thank the diagnosis for encouraging me to explore new ways of dealing with it.

Illustration makes me feel well, so that’s my incentive for working !


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