new month, new specs and new work

Can’t believe it’s July already !

I’m working away at private commissions but am expecting a new book job to come soon, which will be wonderful. I love doing my pictures and cards but the challenge of a book job is a very different thing  – I’m restricted to black and white and it’s an entirely different way of working- much looser for a start and it all comes from my imagination. Even the materials are a bit different – smooth paper and I can be liberal with the tippex (this is not intentional – but mistakes or alterations in monochrome are much easier to repair). Sometimes with these jobs I am allowed to go straight to final artwork which means that the drawings are fresher and more spontaneous – redraws can be done of course if necessary.

I have new glasses (and free prescription sunglasses) and instead of having to take my specs off to draw I can keep them on as the new prescription varifocals allow for sharper near vision. When I wear my contact lenses I need reading glasses to draw – there is now an impressive collection of eyewear in my bedroom – more decisions though- specs or lenses ?  I’ve taken photos of me in them – a bit of an achievement as I find photos of me very difficult to look at – but am very pleased to have managed it !ImageImage

I have also been anticipating our holiday in Suffolk – I love Suffolk and the idea of going is of course exciting, but also means I have to deal with the anxiety of going away,which kicks in about now.

Meanwhile, on the domestic front – our garden is looking beautiful thanks to Graham – if I lived alone it would be a tangle of nothing but weeds and bareness and my kitchen would be limited to salad,fruit,cereal, yogurt and crackers.And chocolate and decent coffee.

I had a very nice trip with Theo to Brentford on Saturday to meet my friend Juliet – she lives a few doors down from our old house – realised what a huge rip-off London bus fares are – because of the lack of parking in Chiswick we took a very short ride on a 237 to meet our friend Tim at Zizzi’s -Theo had to ride as an adult as there is no child fare without an Oyster card,so each journey was £4.60 for 2. No matter, we had a lovely time. Here are a few pictures of the garden and the weekend.ImageTheo at our old front doorImageImage


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