the boy is home and other jolly things….

So happy to have Theo back safe from New York – he had a wonderful time and took many photos of buildings as expected ! A very nice photo of him with a very pretty member of the choir seems to have been deleted by him from both our Facebook pages  – he is funny. As predicted he didn’t buy any clothes despite my telling him that things like Hollister t shirts will be much cheaper out there and urging him to spend some money (they went to Abercrombie & Fitch I know as there is a photo of Ms W and Mrs W with a half naked A&F male model).ImageImageImageGraham and I had nice outings together -a lovely day on Saturday at Hinton Ampner and various lunches and dinner out,plus buying a few exciting things,like an iPad !  I did miss Theo though, more than I imagined – I hadn’t really thought about that until people kept telling me I would !Image

Now it’s back to school and work – am pitching for a possible job and have quoted a fee and sent off character studies and am also working on a Christening present picture.  And hooray – I have sorted and put in order all my bits of paper which represent my accounts and packaged them up to send to my accountant – always a relief to get that task done. ImageImage


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