early birthday for the boy and a trip to New York

Tomorrow Theo flies off to New York with the school choir, one of 2 boys and 30 girls, chosen for this tour – it’s going to be a huge adventure and I know he’s going to have an amazing time. Of course I will miss him,especially as his birthday falls on the 8th which is when they’ll be singing in the UN Building and dining at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I went to New York when I was 19, as part of a two month trip around the East Coast with a friend from art school. NYC seemed more edgy and a bit dangerous then,especially as we were wandering around Brooklyn,near Coney Island but we came to no harm (our host told us not to look anyone in the eye as we strolled along the boardwalk) I used to watch Rhoda on telly as a girl and wonder at how it must feel to live in New York -not that you saw anything of the city as it seemed to be set entirely in her apartment.

I have had two really exhausting dreams,not about the boy but the usual anxiety stuff which I imagine is my way of dealing with it.  I have also got him profiteroles for pudding tonight; sweeties for the plane and a new sketchbook. His birthday presents included these two New York themed books :ImageHis cameras have room for thousands of pictures and films,there’s a charger and spare batteries, money divided into daily allowances and I’m just about to get him to help me pack his suitcase. I’ve mentally surrounded him with golden light so he’ll be safe, and asked God to not let him lose anything or indeed get left behind while staring up at buildings (I take the dual approach- Buddhism and Catholicism mixed for best results) So a happy and safe journey and a memorable 15th birthday to you my lovely boy.


p.s. Theo drew this today:




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