A pretty good week – from no work to several jobs, just as I was beginning to panic ! I have finished two of the cards and after the Jubilations will make a start on the next jobs- just waiting for more information.  I also quoted for a possible book illustration commission – always tricky to know how to pitch these things.ImageImageThis weekend  has started well too, a visit to have my hair trimmed and some colour put on – how I hate grey bits -and supper out at the Thai restaurant in town,an early birthday treat for Theo. Afterwards we stood in the rain to watch dad’s performance with the Alton Concert Ban under the bandstand in the park.

Today is his ‘birthday’ as he’ll be in New York on the 8th -so after seeing the Carnival parade we’ll have supper & birthday cake over at the Olds. 

I did have an extraordinarily eventful dream, lots of trying to find loos, usual rushing about anxiety stuff. I am probably a bit nervous about my boy going away – it’ll be very odd without him-though I am so excited for him,having such a brilliant adventure. 



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