plumbing peskiness

So I was up at 6 to be ready and waiting for the plumber with my new kitchen tap – and I’ve been waiting all day. Apparently there was an emergency -which I guess can’t be helped but I’ve had a frustratingly wasted day. I find dealing with domestic stuff like this makes me hugely anxious- it sounds stupid, but I anticipate any work on the house with dread and anxiety because I suppose I am not in control and something might go wrong- scenarios of which I run through my head endlessly.

I was a bit relieved when Graham returned home this morning at 8.30 having tried to get to work but finding the A31 blocked by an accident decided to work from home.  I felt better that he was around to share the responsibility – I went out to the post office to send pictures and hoped that I might have missed the whole thing but obviously the plumber hadn’t turned up.

He is coming on Thursday week- I know G will be home then as he has 3 days off so that should ease my anxiety- I really couldn’t face the anxiety of dealing with it again on my own so turned down the offer of the man coming tomorrow –  How ridiculous is that ?  Something silly which I know in the scheme of things is a minute interruption to normal routine. No amount of concentrating on my CALM tattoo helped !  The anxiety about plumbing (and any house related problem) is very longstanding and I thought I’d got a lot better about these things.Bit depressing really.

When it comes and is fitted it will,according to the blurb be  ‘smart, simple and to the point, the Bristan Monza kitchen sink tap is guaranteed to bring you uncomplicated excellence that will add a touch of excitement to any well-dressed kitchen’


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