I have managed to shock my olds with my new bit of arm art. I wasn’t a rebellious teenager so it’s caught up with them in my middle age.

I had been thinking of a small tattoo on and off for a while and decided on Friday to venture into the tattoo shop in town and see how much they charged. They had a free slot anyway,so I seized the moment,signed the consent form and offered my arm. I was thinking of having my own lettering but reckoned it’d look as though I’d been scribbling on my wrists, so chose a nice cursive font,which Shane the tattooist traced on to special transfer paper and applied to my wrist. To the accompaniment of The Clash I got my first tatt – an appropriate soundtrack and a good sign. I won’t lie and say it was painless as actually it hurts a lot- a kind of burning pain- but I applied a bit of Mindfulness to get me through it and tried not to think of veins or sinewy bits. Because there’s no syringe or blood I stayed upright and trotted off with my wrist wrapped in cling film to buy a tube of Bepanthen nappy cream from Boots,which is meant to soothe and heal. Image


One thought on “tattooooo

  1. I wish I had the courage as I know exactly what I’d have but I just can’t do pain. I’ll just have to comfort myself that my nose-piercing went down equally badly at the time – and my mum also carried on like I was 15. “I’d rather you didn’t!” Lol.

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