Bank Holiday

Still in a bit of a whirl, but am sure I’ll calm myself.

Very happy to say that the giveaway was won by Jane Buck – so will be posting her goodies tomorrow 🙂

Graham says we should nip out to lunch rather than opening a tin of mackerel bits – and I’m sure some fresh,damp air might be restoring. Theo has been whisked away by cousin and aunt to The Packhouse,an antiques and other fancy things place off the A31 – the draw being the cafe I suspect,though he loves being with them when they come down to visit.

I don’t think I can  ever face going to the Packhouse as it makes me feel funny- I went to meet friends there the day I got my biopsy results- my appointment being at 5.30 pm and a trip out seemed sensible to avoid pacing the house. I bought a nice curly wrought iron loo roll holder for my parents and I can’t look at it now without returning to that day.  What I was told was all a bit of a blur and we came home with all kinds of leaflets and bits of paper for a blood test & chest xray. Went upstairs to tell my dad as he was nailing the loo roll holder to the wall. I think we had some whisky after that.


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