slightly panicked

I’ve just done a speedy rough for a Civil Partnership card which needs to be delivered to it’s recipient by Thursday – my first reaction to rush jobs is to flap a bit and mentally run through the obstacles which I will put in my way. I know that I can and will do it (and whether it arrives safely on Thursday will be pretty much up to the Royal Mail).

I’ve also been doing a rough for a picture – I hope I can translate the freshness to the finished artwork – I like the bareness of this, but it’s done in pen and marker and the real one will be on watercolour paper with acrylic inks – much less free- I think it’s the texture of the paper that restrains me. I quite want to do the wedding card in pen and marker for that reason, but I think I might need to stick to painting – marker pen bleeds through to the other side of the card and the Bristol board itself isn’t as substantial as the Arches paper. Dilemma !  Sometimes my brain overloads with possibilities  and that leads to panic.

Tomorrow it’s the giveaway draw and I fret about getting that right, but am looking forward to having a winner and the pictures are all ready to send.



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