cute ?

For your lunch time! Japanese Bento boxes.

I love these cute Japanese things – I know I’m a grown up woman but I find them very hard to resist .  Dr M, my psychiatrist from many years ago would certainly have something to say about it – he once declared  ” I notice you carry a child’s umbrella” It was indeed and bought from a lovely toy shop in King’s Road where I’d also bought a Sasha doll –  beautiful  Swiss designed & tawny skinned – mine had long, shiny brown hair. In fact I still have her,minus her frock. I suppose he was saying it indicated a desire to return to childhood which may be true, but I feel I was responding to the artist in me .


3 thoughts on “cute ?

  1. I too love children’s bento boxes in particular I love shinzi katoh. I have used my daughter as an excuse to buy one but she kept it so now I need another one! and these are perfect! all of them!!

  2. You have to tell me where those cat bento boxes are from ? i love them. And i am all grown up i love these things and stickers, and stationary interesting perhaps its wanting to return to my childhood, but i love all illustrated so called childrens products i alway think its part of my love of illustration and a sense of nostalgia

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