making a stand…

I have much work on at the moment which is totally brilliant but time is pressing, so I am going to stand up to my obsessions and tomorrow I will not be doing my usual cleaning routines around the house (this is my weekly sprucing involving dusting and wiping) – it generally eats into a couple of hours of my time and is horrendously boring and I regard the prospect with gloom.

I feel though I need to have permission to forgo the cleaning – I want someone to say it’s ok for me not to do it – the house won’t implode and the world will carry on as usual. That isn’t taking responsibility for myself though – so I’m going to try to resist dabbing at my pebble collection and Theo’s iBook which is strewn with croissant crumbs and the mouse sticky with soy sauce and sesame seeds from his sushi after-school snacks. I give myself permission to attend to my work and to allow the dust to settle for another week.

I will report back.


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