Feeling a bit stressed now – suddenly I have 5 jobs lined up and am feeling a little panicked. I am delighted of course to have work but I find having too much to deal with at once means I start reverting to rituals to keep  on track,like a safety net. I haven’t had time (or rather made time) to meditate today – I did 15 minutes yesterday but found my mind was constantly wandering.   I spent several hours today with my mum and it was really nice to chat,drink coffee and eat croissants – I don’t have the expertise of my dad in helping her to get up from chairs,to sit or get on to her bed so it was quite a sobering thing to see just how very difficult these tasks are for her at the moment. 


3 thoughts on “stressed…

  1. Dont worrt about my job it can wait till the summer I am in no rush. Hope your mum is ok, has she had a fall? My Dad has dimentia which is getting really hard to deal with : )

  2. oh no,please don’t think I am regretting taking on your picture – in a way the pressure is good for me- I always panic at first,then settle myself- I will do the two jobs which are urgent and then yours ! My mum has Parkinson’s and had been trying out a new drug program which made her feel worse and it’s only just leaving her system,so her movement is much worse than usual.

  3. Sorry to hear she’s so bad at the moment 😦

    I hope she feels a little better once the crud is flushed out of her system.

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