it’s May !

It’s gloomy and raining of course. Interestingly active dream last night involving the usual subjects – searching for a lavatory featuring and quite alarmingly having  an injured left breast (I blame reading Alan Bennett’s Smut before going to sleep – a woman, Mrs Donaldson works as a medical demonstrator for medical students – feigning illness for the students to diagnose).  

Today I am doing a few of my routine chores before I can go out to buy croissants to take to Mum’s as I’m on duty today- Dad is having a well deserved jolly up to London to drink champagne with his best and dearest friend Peter’s pals in his memory. Peter died unexpectedly in January and I know Dad misses him very much – he left them money to have a jape which is a lovely idea.

 I’m also working on a new picture with a Parisian theme – as usual I have that anxiety about a new job – I do worry about being able to do it well -these personal pictures carry  extra responsibility in a way because it’s dipping into their lives. I often know very little about the subjects, so I like to immerse myself in as much information as I can so that I get a feeling of them. 



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