Posted in May 2012

Fig’s birthday present

Fig has posted these pictures on her Tumblr page – and I’m very happy to see how great the Matte Stephens kitty print looks – it was my birthday present to her. She has also framed the birthday card I made for her – aww. Advertisements

Mr Quince

My beloved quince tree has tiny quince babies !  I adore this tree and feel like a proud parent – we had a lot of quince crumble last year so might try quince jelly this time !  They are rock hard when raw but turn a beautiful soft perfumed pink when cooked. 

plumbing peskiness

So I was up at 6 to be ready and waiting for the plumber with my new kitchen tap – and I’ve been waiting all day. Apparently there was an emergency -which I guess can’t be helped but I’ve had a frustratingly wasted day. I find dealing with domestic stuff like this makes me hugely … Continue reading


I have managed to shock my olds with my new bit of arm art. I wasn’t a rebellious teenager so it’s caught up with them in my middle age. I had been thinking of a small tattoo on and off for a while and decided on Friday to venture into the tattoo shop in town … Continue reading

birthday celebrations

Dad’s birthday, day 1 – celebrated with fish & chips and Prosecco. Among his presents (which included interesting bottled beers from Theo) was Christopher Brown’s wonderful Alphabet of London. We spent quite a while looking through the lino prints trying to guess what each one represented without skipping to the index to find out.  Dad … Continue reading

NY Choir – pre tour concert

Lovely warm evening in one of the quads at Theo’s school (he is among the girls above) – they did brilliantly – it’s all very exciting now they have their tour t shirts – only 2 weeks until they perform their first concert in Washington Square Gardens. I took some wonky videos on my camera … Continue reading

Observations and the joys of lettering

I have to admit to feeling really very down earlier this week  ( I have regained some equilibrium now) and have been thinking why this might be as lots of nice things are coming up, work is steadily coming in and I’m ridiculously excited on Theo’s behalf about his New York trip. After some thought … Continue reading

family trees

I’m just starting work on a new family tree – it’s been a while since I did one, but they are quite a challenge !  These above are previous trees , the bottom rough being the most complicated so far,with many pets and consequently much confusion with names.

baby name pictures & birthday cards

I’ve been making birthday cards and name pictures this week – nice jobs  -I am really enjoying doing work with lettering. I have to say that I’m feeling as though I’ve spilled out a lot of stuff about myself in my previous posts and I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. Part of me wanted … Continue reading