obsessive illustrator presents : A KIND DOG ILLUSTRATION GIVEAWAY !!

I’m giving away 3 of my original illustrations – 2 ACEOs and 1 A5 drawing. The ACEOs are on watercolour paper and drawn in ink and coloured with acrylic inks and the A5 picture is ink and pro markers. There are also 4 cute and sparkly hand coloured stickers !

To enter simply leave a comment below and on 7th May I will draw a winner. Please share this blog too !


42 thoughts on “obsessive illustrator presents : A KIND DOG ILLUSTRATION GIVEAWAY !!

  1. Thomas says if we win, you can have one of his best 3-D robot drawings. He’s sure you can’t draw them…!

  2. Am still reading with great interest .
    Can’t believe your teacher in school was called Miss Murtagh , that’s my surname !

  3. I a trying to write a peom to Jane

    and sitting here looking at all the rain

    her wonderful drawings of flora and forna

    simply make you smile and want to adore her

    from rabbit to blue bird, and fluffy black doggies

    they are all so well drawn, even the moggies

    I wish I was half as talented as you

    buts thats all I can think of so my poem is through

    Ps Ages ago I wrote some funny stories about all the things that happened to me when I was trying to rescue various animals, maybe we coud get together and enter an article for a magazine like country living or something?

  4. Ah Jane, you are so very talented, I absolutely love all your drawings, especially the 2 you’ve recently done for me. How you can draw people, animals and places from photos or descriptive words is simply amazing! You are amazing – simply ‘the best’! x x x

  5. ME ME ME (all the way from Tennessee!), please! I adore your small grey cat, and everything else as well.

  6. oooh – can’t pass up this opportunity, already being lucky enough to own a JEO (Janes Eccles Original).

  7. Do we have to do this in an unbiased way? Surely you can just SAY I won the illustrations. Who’s to know? Just joking. Dx

  8. Very cute pictures! Have you tried submitting any of your work to Phoenix Trading as possible cards? They would go down a storm! I’m a Phoenix Trader and could submit them for you if you like. I’m going up to Head Office in June for a visit, and could put a word in for you – or take your submissions to hand in personally! (Colour photocopies, not originals.) Let me know if you’d like to host a Phoenix cards party one evening, and also sell your beautiful drawings too! Karen Hinchliff (find me on Facbook).

    • thank you – I did submit some work some time ago (several years ago in fact) but was told that there were too many other artists like me – ha ! but mayube things are different now ? That’s kind of you to offer- I’ll see what I can gather together. Many thanks ! 🙂

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