Thursday 26th

Feeling a bit down really – after doing a lot of work at the weekend I’ve ground to a halt -waiting for the next job to come along,but also trying to think of ideas for a new mini zine- but nothing seems to be working. Suddenly stopping and not having a task isn’t good for me – I spend too long on the internet (I confess to having and obsessional need to keep checking my mail/ my posts on mumsnet and on facebook – I panic in case I miss something,or don’t reply to someone.)   If I’m creatively occupied I don’t think too much about other things and I feel I have a purpose, not to sound over dramatic- it means that I exist as Jane The Illustrator. These dips often happen though and I usually come out of them. 

My mum isn’t well at all – her Parkinson’s medication was making her feel terrible so she has stopped taking it and can now barely move – dad is having to do everything for her really which makes her feel depressed – who wouldn’t be depressed. One’s parent being elderly and fragile is very scary.


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