Sparkly new blog !

The title pretty much sums me up- I’m an illustrator and I’m obsessive. This means  that I do  illustrate a lot but it also reflects the fact that I have OCD which is a total buggering pain in the arse . I’m outing myself here too – only my nearest & dearest know about the OCD so I feel a little vulnerable, but it’s very much a part of me, and perhaps apart from the possible therapeutic benefits to my own mental health, it just might help others who struggle to function with this horrible condition.

I shall tentatively post this and hope that it doesn’t scare anyone – no doubt lots of people will nod knowingly,thinking ‘we always thought there was something odd about her’

website :  and Facebook  page :


15 thoughts on “Sparkly new blog !

  1. Well done lady and there’s now’t wrong with being a little odd. That term could apply to a lot of my dear friends 🙂 x

  2. Very brave and honest of you- I think the more people can talk about mental health issues , the better it is to take away the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental health issues.

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