Posted in April 2012



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I have just received my appointment for my annual mammogram and it’s 2 days after my final 6 monthly check up with Mr H – tomorrow,29th, it’ll be three years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I am not keen on undressing, never have been – don’t think my mum has seen me … Continue reading

Thursday 26th

Feeling a bit down really – after doing a lot of work at the weekend I’ve ground to a halt -waiting for the next job to come along,but also trying to think of ideas for a new mini zine- but nothing seems to be working. Suddenly stopping and not having a task isn’t good for … Continue reading

what it’s like now

Whizzing back to the present as I have wallowed a bit too much in the past (and Mindfulness teaches one to remain in the present !) I manage pretty normally these days, OCD is minimal but still present. The big issues are going away and  going out for a whole day. I get by from … Continue reading

OCD and pregnancy

I was thinking today about how OCD returned with a vengence when I was expecting Theo. I was delighted to be pregnant having worried that I’d left it all a bit late but everything was fine and dandy and it was physically a very easy 9 months – never sick or unwell. Mentally much tougher … Continue reading

seeking perfection

Today I finished 2 pictures – I feel quite happy with them, but there is always the feeling that I could do better. Often when I look at artwork again I feel disappointed that it hasn’t come out as well as I’d like. I’m sure most illustrators probably feel the same and tend to focus … Continue reading

What OCD is like – part 2

Checking – another OCD thing- another way of making sure everything and everyone is safe. Getting out of the house in the morning was a hellish thing- so much to check- plugs out, windows and back door locked, gas taps off – anything that could be considered dangerous has to be checked and then rechecked. … Continue reading

what OCD is like

When I first had OCD I can’t remember whether it was a gradual thing or whether it was suddenly there- at any rate it certainly made it’s presence felt.  I was living a happy and relatively carefree life, working in the studio space rented by my friend Fig for her fledgling illustration agency. It was … Continue reading